Youtube Ads Management.

YouTube is the most exciting advertising platform on the planet right now. The reason advertisers are leaving television in huge numbers and moving to YouTube nowadays is because the ROI is much higher. Advertisers have the ability to target specific types of people accurately - and only pay if the viewer watches your entire pre-roll advert.

If a viewer skips your YouTube advert before it finishes you don't pay anything.

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YouTube for Action

Convert intent into action with video..

What if you could reach audiences on YouTube that just searched Google for what you offer...

of people search for a product on Google, and then learn more by going to YouTube before they buy it.

..with a video ad that explains and shows off your business

AND gives viewers a way to

based on their intent.

First, reach only the audiences that are most likely to do business with you

with real-time intent signals from Google Search

and the rest of Google

new and improved audiences based on intents and interests

Custom Intent
Reach audiences on YouTube who have recently searched for your keywords on Google.
conversion rate
than other audiences
Stronger Affinity &
In-Market Segments
Existing affinity & in-market audiences are more accurate and reach +15% more people now that we’ve added signals from Google Search, Maps, and Play.
Life Events
Reach people during major life milestones like getting married, moving, graduating college.
Patterns Audiences
Reach frequent grocery, big box, department, convenience store shoppers, frequent restaurant goers, and more.
ad formats & ad extensions

Introduce your business and drive action.

We’ve launched new video ad formats & ad extensions built to drive action directly from video views.

Video ads on YouTube
Drive clicks right from video ads TrueView for action video ads.
  • Customizable blue action button (10 character limit)
  • Auto-generated clickable end-card shows for 5 sec after video completes
  • Skippable ads of any length (skip button appears after 5 seconds)
TrueView for action
Form ads on YouTube
Drive leads right from video ads TrueView for action video ads.
  • Form fill options include name, email, phone number, and zip code (any combination)
  • User information is pre-filled when available  (logged-in user base)
  • Skippable ads of any length (skip button appears after 5 seconds)
New Automated Bidding:
Target CPA & Max Conversions (beta)
automatically optimizes your bids to help achieve your goal CPA over time as your campaign runs

Location Extensions

Drive store visits with Location Extensions for TrueView ads.

Integration with Google Maps allows viewers to:
  • Get directions
  • Call the business
  • See store hours
  • Read reviews
  • Navigate to website

Measure online conversions.

Measure online conversions driven by views and clicks on your YouTube video ads.

Viewers watch onany device/platform
and convert in 1 of 3 ways
Viewer clicks on video ad and converts
Viewer chooses to watch (does not skip*) and then converts directly on website
Viewers sees ad impression but skips ad and then converts directly on website.
*viewer watches at least 10 seconds & converts within 3 days
75% of online adults 18–54 start an activity on one device, but continue or finish it on another
Source: Google / Ipsos Connect, March 2016, GPS Omnibus, n=2,013 US online respondents 18+

Measure store visits driven by views and clicks on your YouTube video ads

Viewers watch onany device/platform
[User has location history enabled]
User visits store;
Visit is recorded in AdWords

Video can also amplify Search ads

Advertisers that run YouTube video ads in addition to Search ads see:
Higher Search
conversion volume
Higher Search
conversion rate
Search CPA
Source: Google Data, Global. Jan 2015-June 2018, Compared to advertisers that run Search only.

We can help with video creation & optimization.

I have existing assets We can help recut and edit your existing footage to work as a direct response ad on YouTube. We can also make ads out of static assets like images and logos.
I’m starting from scratchUse our Youtube directory to contact YouTube-approved video production partners that can create the right video ad for you.

A few creative guidelines to drive action

Short & sweet & fast
Respect viewers’attention spans with quick cuts and fast pacing that leaves people wanting more, not wanting to skip. Consider cutting a :30 ad into :20 and :15 into :12... or at least frontloading your message.
Clear Call-to-Action
Be very direct on what people should do to take action. TrueView for Action ads overlay a clickable call-toaction button over your ad, but consider repeating it in voiceover and subtitles/graphics.
Win the first :05
Viewers can skip. Earn their attention upfront -- whether it’s by being entertaining, introducing a problem, or showing an offer. Don’t make them wait for the good stuff.
Make it for mobile
The majority of ad views on YouTube are on mobile. Zooming in on faces/objects, big text/graphics, bright footage and quick cuts makes your ad stand out and perform better on small screens.

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