Pick a WordPress Page Speed Plan for your website starting from 40€

At Hellenic Technologies, our mission is to transform your basic WordPress site into a high performing powerhouse focused on Web Core Vitals and providing an ideal user experience. As Gtmetrix and Google Page Speed Insights fanatics, our team of experts will fully optimize the speed and performance process for you.



1 website or subdomain


25 GB CDN bandwidth per month


World-class proprietary speed algorithm


Cloudflare integration and optimization


Gtmetrix PageSpeed optimization


Pingdom PageSpeed optimization


Web Core Vitals optimization (CLS, FID, FCP, LCP)


Advanced caching mechanism


Reduce server response time


Optimize images


Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content


Leverage browser caching


Enable gzip compression


Prioritize visible content


Avoid bad requests


Minimize redirects


Defer parsing of JavaScript


Remove query strings from static resources


Combine external CSS and JavaScript


Make fewer HTTP requests


Add Expires headers


Reduce DNS lookups


HTML, CSS and JS minification & compression


Built-in global CDN


WooCommerce Speed Optimization


Deep Performance Scan


Database Caching with Redis


Files Caching with Varnish


Full Website Backup


Before and After Report

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How it works

We offer three different page speed optimization plans, each with specialized features and services. Pageviews will change per plan as the CDN is included and therefore must be calculated according to your page traffic.

Upon selecting your ideal page plan, a team of dedicated WordPress developers will optimize and manage your website for you, as well as keep everything up to speed each month. Subscribe now to our stress-free solution! Once the on-off tune-up site performance is complete, you will receive a ‘before and after’ report. You can also review and verify our work through GPI, Gtmetetrix, Pingdom etc.

If you require additional support or have unique requests that fall outside of our performance service, please visit our WordPress Support page for more information and guidance.

What we can do for you

The following are some common issues experts deal with on a daily basis when it comes to WordPress Page Speed Optimization:


Full Backup

Before we begin, we ensure that your site is securely backed up to enable a full, immediate restoration if needed.


Scans and Audits

We will conduct a comprehensive scan of your website and databases in entirety to identify problems and review timely solutions.


SSL Setup and Content Fix

We will set up, manage and configure your SSL certificate, as well as repair any insecure or broken assets.


Hosting Migration and Server Optimization

A key influential element for WordPress site speed is having the right host. Professionally, we recommend one of our laaS WordPress hosting solutions - we will cover migrations,, server upgrades or optimization of settings.


Cache Plugin Configuration

We use Varnish, Memcached, Redis among other advanced caching techniques. We combine these with the latest PHP 7 versions and NGINX servers.


Cloudflare and StackPath CDN

We configure Cloudflare’s free CDN to its optimum efficiency and help you set up page rules, firewall rules, Rocket Loader, Railgun and DNS configuration. If you’re looking for ultra-speed content delivery, check out StackPath’s CDN.


Image Optimization

There are several ways to optimize images in GTmetrix. You may specify image dimensions, serve scaled images, as well as optimize images (lossless compression). With these options, we will make sure that all your images are served via a CDN, have EXIF data removed, and utilize the most current WebP formats.


Google Fonts

This third-party resource can be found in your GTmetrix report. Most font-related errors or issues in the GTmetrix can be simply resolved by combining fonts. We can, therefore, optimize any type of font according to your preference, whether it be Google Fonts, Font Awesome, or any other external font types you choose.


Selective Plugin Loading

Several plugins may load across your WordPress site even when they aren’t always needed. Therefore, we can set up plugins so that they load when necessary, which thereby reduces the number of requests on your site. Overall, this increases the overall site speed.


Third-Party Optimization

We ensure that all your third-party requests, i.e. anything that pulls a request from an external site, are fully optimized. We guarantee that your Google Fonts, Analytics, Tag Manager, Social Media Widgets and embedded videos are enhanced and run efficiently.


Lazy Loading

Lazy loading allows you to improve initial loading times; this feature is recommended by Google for images and videos. We can set this up via your cache plugin, but we also hold a list of lazy load plugins that ensure your content loads faster..


Database Cleanup

Most plugins made to clean up databases aren’t necessarily the most efficient or effective. Therefore, it is useful to go through a database and clean it up - but don’t worry, we will handle this for you.


Local Analytics

We will resolve any ‘leverage browsing caching’ messages received in your Google Analytics GTmetrix report, as well as ensure it is set and maintained at 100%.


Redirecting Issues

Issues may arise from a range of errors such as broken links or bad plugins. Depending on your site and where your redirects come from, we usually can resolve these errors. If, however, they are caused by plugins, we will suggest alternative solutions.


Bloat Removal

WordPress contains several built-in features that aren’t always relevant or necessary. To make your site operate faster, we can disable or tweak these features.


Heartbeat Control

You can limit or disable the WordPress Heartbeat API to save server resources. This process prevents you from getting unnecessary notifications and reduces the overall Admin ‘bloat.’


Combine CSS and JS

The “make fewer HTTP requests” notification can be found in the GTmetrix YSlow. This indicates that the number of loaded elements on a page must be reduced; this can be done by combining CSS and JS and choosing which plugins to load. Doing this minimizes the number of elements on a page.


Blocking Bots

WordPress sites experience spam; spam bots can target your site and diminish your resources. We clearly and rapidly identify such problems and proceed to block bots to ensure they do not slow down your site.


Tweaking Codes

You may experience slower load times as a result of badly coded plugins and themes. If this is a relevant concern and issue for you, we can tweak the code and eliminate the issue for you.



We work on WooCommerce sites and optimize scripts, styles and cart fragments. In comparison to WordPress, we find that WooCommerce sites rely more on plugins and server resources, which makes optimization crucial.


Quality Check

Once we have completed the procedures, we will conduct a comprehensive quality check to ensure that everything is functioning at its optimum capacity and speed.


Full Reporting

We will provide you with a complete ‘before and after’ report for reviewing purposes. These reports will allow you to understand what we have worked on and identify the advantages of using our services within your business.

The above checklists are essential for achieving GTmetrix “A” and Google PageSpeed Insights scores 90+ for your website speed. We can help you achieve these with an aspect of professionalism and efficiency.


Meet some of our happy clients and find out the reason why we are an ideal solution for your business.

I would like to thank @HellenicTechnologies for its excellent work and attention to detail for the development of our brand-new website, but more importantly, I would like personally to thank @Eleni Panagoutsou for her professionalism and the valuable consulting she provided throughout the whole development process as an account manager. Due to this outstanding professionalism and your reputation in the market, I decided to invest also in digital marketing and SEO for my Law firm. Keep it going!

Our company, FORUM SA, organizes some of the leading trade shows in S.E. Europe; it goes without saying that an impeccable online presence is imperative for us. It was very difficult to find a reliable partner who could deeply understand the peculiarities of our business field and take on the renewal and technical support of our websites. We are utterly satisfied with Hellenic Technologies, not only because they ’re highly knowledgeable and always respond immediately to new requests or technical problems that need to be urgently dealt with, but most importantly because they devote time and effort in providing us with ideas and solutions that can help us move forward. It is worth mentioning that within less than 6 months, we renewed two of our main websites while we are currently preparing two new ones. Thank you Hellenic Technologies

Hellenic Technologies offers an impeccable combination of strategy and execution. They support our business needs in digital marketing since 2014 with outstanding results. Our online initiatives include Adwords, Facebook, SEO, email marketing and many more. They have devoted time in learning our business and our needs in order to make the necessary suggestions for the campaigns that they perform.They are always well informed about innovative and pioneering services which are available, without their support we would not have been so successful in our moves. Also, they are always available to answer our questions whenever it is necessary, and in fact, they are an integral part of our company’s Marketing Team. We have been working with HTA for our IT needs the department for over 8 years. I would definitely recommend the HTA services without any doubt.

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