Pick a WordPress Maintenance Plan for your Website with Complete End-to-End Testing starting from 140€

Our comprehensive WordPress Maintenance plans go beyond routine backups, updates, security, and performance optimization. We offer proactive end-to-end testing services that simulate real user behavior by validating various flows on your website to catch potential bugs before they become costly problems. This way, we try to ensure your WordPress website functions seamlessly at all times.

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Managed Maintenance for WordPress and WooCommerce

Better safe than sorry.

Keeping your WordPress website in top shape is an ongoing process that requires regular attention, be it daily, weekly, or monthly. We understand that after every WordPress update, there’s always the possibility of something breaking down. That’s why we provide support hours within our plans at no extra cost to you. Our team of advanced WordPress experts are seasoned veterans when it comes to professional website maintenance, working with businesses of all sizes and types from across the world.

Here’s what the maintenance process looks like when you partner with Hellenic Technologies:
Site Backups

Regularly backing up your site ensures you have multiple copies of your website saved in different locations. This can be a lifesaver in case of a security breach or accidental file deletion, allowing our team to restore your site quickly.

Cloudflare management

We provide an extra layer of security and improved performance to your website by integrating and managing Cloudflare on your behalf including DNS.

Updating WordPress Core

WordPress frequently releases updates to fix bugs and patch security vulnerabilities. Keeping your site updated with the latest version enhances your site’s security and functionality.

Updating Themes and Plugins

Themes and plugins receive regular updates for improved security, bug fixes, and compatibility with the latest WordPress version. Staying updated ensures you reap the benefits of these enhancements.

Compatibility Testing

Whenever updates are made, test the compatibility of various plugins and themes with the new version. In case the compatibility test fails, we roll back to the previous WordPress version immediately.

Security Scanning and Malware Removal

We conduct regular security scans to detect and eliminate potential threats such as malware or unauthorized logins. We’ve partnered with SUCURI, a leading provider of WordPress security solutions, ensuring top-tier protection for your site. The cost of the SUCURI license is conveniently included in our maintenance plans, providing you with comprehensive security without any additional expenses.

24/7 Website Uptime Monitor Service

In the event of any downtime, we receive instant alerts and immediately initiate the recovery process.

Cache Clearance

Over time, cached files (saved files that speed up your site’s load time) can accumulate and cause site bloat. Regular cache clearance helps keep your site running smoothly.

Database Optimization

The WordPress database, containing user roles, post information, and other site data, can over time accumulate unnecessary information such as trashed posts. Regular optimization helps remove this excess data, improving site load times and reducing your site’s overall size.

Performance Optimization

Our maintenance plan prioritizes optimizing your site’s loading speed by addressing any website problems that could hinder it. For a more specific focus on Page Speed and Web Core Vitals, our distinct WordPress Page Speed Optimization service is available.

Managed Maintenance for WordPress and WooCommerce

Catch bugs before they cost you.

At no extra cost, we have gone above and beyond by including end-to-end services in our WordPress maintenance plans to ensure the complete safety of your business online. WordPress and Woocommerce end-to-end testing is crucial in delivering a high-quality website that meets user needs and expectations.

Here’s what the end-to-end testing process looks like when you partner with Hellenic Technologies for your WordPress Maintenance:

Automated Visual Regression Tests for WordPress involves taking screenshots and comparing them to identify changes due to bugs or administration errors. It saves time, identifies issues proactively, ensures consistency, and enhances user experience during website development and maintenance across different devices and screen sizes..

Automated Forms Test Assertions for WordPress refer to the process of automatically testing the ability of your clients to submit forms on your website or application. It ensures that forms function correctly and users can submit information without errors. This improves the user experience, increases customer satisfaction, and reduces the risk of losing leads.

Automated Transactional Email Tests for WordPress involve verifying whether clients can receive essential transactional emails, such as “forgot my password,” “registration emails,” “thank you or welcome emails,” etc., from your website. These tests are crucial to ensure that your website’s email communication system is functional and efficient. Failing to perform these tests may result in frustrated customers and lost business opportunities.

Automated Cross-Browser and Responsive Tests for WordPress are crucial to ensure that your website provides a seamless and consistent user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices from all web browsers. These tests check your website’s responsiveness on various devices in different browsers, ensuring that its layout, images, font sizes, and other elements are optimized for all screen resolutions. By performing these tests, you can attract more customers, improve engagement rates, and increase your website’s overall effectiveness.

Automated Category & Product Page Test Assertion for WooCommerce is a vital process for a seamless shopping experience on your ecommerce website. These tests ensure that all categories and products are displayed accurately, without any errors or discrepancies. By using specialized software, these tests help identify any issues such as broken links or missing images that could deter customers from making purchases.

Automated Add Product to Cart Test Assertion for WooCommerce is a significant process that ensures the shopping cart feature on your website works seamlessly. These tests verify that your customers can add products without any errors or issues, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience.

Automated Coupon Code Test Assertion for WooCommerce is a crucial process that ensures the smooth functioning of your website’s discount coupon feature. These tests verify that customers can redeem coupons without any errors or issues, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Automated Checkout Test Assertion for WooCommerce ensures a seamless and efficient purchasing experience for customers on your ecommerce website. These tests identify any issues or bugs in the entire checkout process, from billing through payment processing. By performing these tests, you can maintain customer satisfaction, increase conversions, and maintain a positive reputation for your website.

Accessibility Test Assertion (WCAG Standard) for WordPress is a crucial process for websites. It ensures adherence to accessibility guidelines, making the site navigable and understandable for all users, including those with disabilities. This testing involves specialized tools that identify any areas that do not meet accessibility standards, allowing corrective action to be taken. Ensuring your site follows these standards is essential to comply with legal requirements, improve user experience, and expand your audience.

Automated End-to-End Custom Test Assertion Scenarios can be done on any type of website regardless CMS or industry. Hellenic Technologies can write and conduct automated test scripts for any scenario regardless of complexity. These tests are available through our Tier 3 & Tier 4 maintenance plans, providing you with ongoing support to maintain optimal website functionality and user satisfaction.

If you require additional support for a unique request that falls outside of our daily maintenance service, please visit our WordPress Support page.


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