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If you’re unhappy with your current WordPress host, if you’re not getting the level of support, or if you don’t have time to manage your own servers, then work with real WordPress professionals. Hellenic Technologies WordPress experts can arrange for your site to migrate to our optimized WordPress and Woocommerce servers, then manage your server and offer the support you need to make sure that it runs successfully and efficiently.

* All plans include full server management and server support for your server by Hellenic Technologies.

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Hellenic Technologies leases servers from three industry-leading IaaS providers – DigitalOcean, Amazon and Google. We can also arrange for dedicated hosting racks depending on the service you require. We do all the day-to-day management on your behalf, along with optimization, security, performance and server updates.
Our services provide you with peace of mind and an always-working website. There are many providers who offer hosting services for WordPress sites, but not many who offer a dedicated managed hosting service. If you’re serious about your business, you should have a serious hosting management service.
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Here are some of the benefits you’ll get if you decide to host or migrate your WordPress websites with Hellenic Technologies:

WordPress Hosting Specialization

We don’t host other CMSs such as Drupal, Magento, Joomla etc. That’s because we prefer to focus on our true area of expertise - WordPress. When you’re looking for a host for your WordPress site, you’ll always be better going with dedicated experts with a laser focus rather than a ‘jack of all trades’ - and that’s what you’ll get with us.


Dedicated Server

Unlike other hosting providers, we’ll never host your website on a server crammed with hundreds of other sites (shared hosting) - a practice that has a huge impact on reliability.

Instead, your website will be hosted on its own dedicated server, with its own IP address, resources, management, and security. Not only does our approach ensure that your site is as stable as possible, the increased level of security means you’re far less likely to suffer the nightmare of constant downtimes, poor speed performance, malware, hacking, or data theft.

Continual Backups

Better safe than sorry! We backup your site daily, and if something goes wrong we can restore your website within minutes. If you make a serious mistake when you edit or update your website you’ll have the option to revert to an older version - up to 9 days.


Flexible Scalability

If you find yourself needing more resources because of increasing website traffic, we can apply vertical scaling within minutes. This involves scaling up the resources on your existing server, with no need for remigration. If you only require extra storage capacity, we can again provide this in a matter of minutes, giving you the space you need without altering server parameters or needing to migrate the site.

Impressive Performance

Our caching mechanisms include Varnish, Memecached and Redis, all of which enhance the speed of your WordPress pages and databases.


Everything will be configured specifically for your website by our WordPress engineers. All our WordPress servers use SSD disks offering maximum speeds. Our optimized stacks include Apache and NGINX as web servers, and PHP-FPM and MySQL/MariaDB as databases - all of which ensure better performance. We will also configure Cloudways CDN for you, reducing latency and improving server response time.


Robust Security

Dedicated firewalls with firmware upgrades, SSL Certificates, Login Security, IP Whitelisting and WordPress isolation all come as standard with our support packages, along with other features that will ensure your website is ultra-secure.

Professional Support

We use integrated server and website monitoring tools, so we’ll be instantly alerted if something goes wrong with your website, allowing us to take immediate action. You can open a ticket with us at any time, so you can keep track of your specific query.



Meet some of our happy clients and find out the reason why we are an ideal solution for your business.

I would like to thank @HellenicTechnologies for its excellent work and attention to detail for the development of our brand-new website, but more importantly, I would like personally to thank @Eleni Panagoutsou for her professionalism and the valuable consulting she provided throughout the whole development process as an account manager. Due to this outstanding professionalism and your reputation in the market, I decided to invest also in digital marketing and SEO for my Law firm. Keep it going!

Our company, FORUM SA, organizes some of the leading trade shows in S.E. Europe; it goes without saying that an impeccable online presence is imperative for us. It was very difficult to find a reliable partner who could deeply understand the peculiarities of our business field and take on the renewal and technical support of our websites. We are utterly satisfied with Hellenic Technologies, not only because they ’re highly knowledgeable and always respond immediately to new requests or technical problems that need to be urgently dealt with, but most importantly because they devote time and effort in providing us with ideas and solutions that can help us move forward. It is worth mentioning that within less than 6 months, we renewed two of our main websites while we are currently preparing two new ones. Thank you Hellenic Technologies

Hellenic Technologies offers an impeccable combination of strategy and execution. They support our business needs in digital marketing since 2014 with outstanding results. Our online initiatives include Adwords, Facebook, SEO, email marketing and many more. They have devoted time in learning our business and our needs in order to make the necessary suggestions for the campaigns that they perform.They are always well informed about innovative and pioneering services which are available, without their support we would not have been so successful in our moves. Also, they are always available to answer our questions whenever it is necessary, and in fact, they are an integral part of our company’s Marketing Team. We have been working with HTA for our IT needs the department for over 8 years. I would definitely recommend the HTA services without any doubt.

On behalf of the entire team here in Teleperformance Greece we would like to express how delighted we are with our cooperation with Hellenic Technologies. We have trusted you with our brand new website concept which not only you delivered quickly and with great professionalism, but you are committed and always eager to help us in anything we need and suggest even more great ideas and solutions.A great team! Thank you

I can't thank Hellenic Technologies enough for their outstanding service in integrating and managing our store on eBay. Their expertise and dedication transformed our online presence and boosted our sales significantly. They made the entire process seamless, and their ongoing support has been invaluable. I highly recommend Hellenic Technologies to anyone looking to maximize their eBay store's potential.

On behalf of Avance Greece I would like to thank the whole team in Hellenic Technologies for their hard work, ideas and passion they put into the development of our new website and the mobile Apps. In a very strict timeline they delivered a product above our expectations. They were always at our disposal, overcoming any issue that came up, providing us with ideas and solutions that fit our corporate mentality and strategy. Our partnership extended also to the online promotion & advertising of the new website in which we observed high visitation and increase in sales. It is my belief that this has only been the start of a long term partnership and I would recommend everyone to choose their services.