Youtube Ads Managed Service

Are your Youtube Ads underperforming? Our expert Youtube Ads management team helps marketing and ecommerce managers like you build effective ad campaigns every day, ensuring conversions and maximizing return on investments (ROIs).

Tier 1
20% / fee

Adspent ≤ 3000€ is 20% management costs on adspent


10 Youtube Ads display campaigns with max 3 ad copies per month


30min Google Ads consultation via email per month with client


30min Google Ads troubleshooting per month


30min inhouse next month strategy review/decision with HT team


30min daily Youtube Ads monitoring and optimizations


live Google Ads data studio report

Trusted by over 100 businesses in 10+ countries

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About youtube Ads
Managed Service

by Hellenic

Simple and
Transparent Pricing

Tier 1

20% / fee

Adspent ≤ 3000€

Tier 2

15% / fee

Adspent ≥ 3501€

We have two simple plans based on your adspent. If invoiced, adspent is less than 3K/month our agency fees are 20%. If it amounts to more than 3K/month, our fees will come to 15% on top of adspent. Your company pays and gets invoiced directly from advertising networks you choose to utilize, such as Google, Facebook etc. Our agency fees are invoiced separately for full transparency.

No Commitments

Your business needs to be agile, so we won’t try to tie you down by making you sign a long-term contract with us. We’ll work with you on a month by month basis, and you can leave anytime you want. If you do leave, all the work we’ve done will belong entirely to you.



To properly measure whether you’re hitting your KPIs and targets, you’ll need to be kept in loop. We’ll be in constant communication with you, giving you the information and data you need to track your progress. We’ll also always be happy to answer any questions you have.



If you’re setting up a new ads account, or if your existing account isn’t properly configured, we can do it for you.


For a one-time fee, we’ll make sure
your account is 100% optimized so that
your ad campaigns will run efficiently
and smoothly.

Your account belongs to you

Your ads account will belong to your business, and you’ll have full admin access.


We’ll never restrict your access to the account, and if you do part ways from working with us, everything on it belongs to you.


We know that reports can seem almost TOO detailed and hard to understand, and we don’t want you to have to waste time and energy picking out the most relevant information. To help you, we create reports explaining exactly what we’ve been doing, detailing the investment involved, and clearly explaining the results.



All of your campaigns will be looked over and checked by multiple team members, ensuring everything is 100% perfect. We always double and triple check our work so that we can be sure there aren’t any errors or mistakes, and so that we can be sure we’re delivering you work of the highest quality.


Why Use Youtube Ads?

Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine and second most visited website (after Google), making it a marketing powerhouse for all kinds of businesses. Today, it holds a colossal pool of prospects with 1.9 billion monthly active users across 91 countries, allowing advertisers to reach some of the largest audiences on the Internet with ease. The only thing bigger than Youtube’s user base is its appetite for video content – with viewers watching over 1 billion hours of videos every day, more than Netflix and Facebook combined.

Convert intent into
action with video.

What if you could reach audiences on YouTube that just searched Google for what you offer…

more then


of people search for a product on Google, and then learn more by going to YouTube before they buy it.


..with a video ad that explains and shows off your business


and gives viewers a way to

on a platform where people are really paying attention


more likely to pay attention to ads on YouTube vs. social media


more likely to pay attention to online video ads vs. TV


of ads on YouTube are viewable, and 95% are watched with sound on

Attention drives results: +150% YoY growth of conversions generated by YouTube ads in the
past 12 months

So how does Youtube help you connect with such an active user base?

Youtube helps its advertisers drive positive results by supplying them with the tools needed to connect with their audience, target the right prospects, and measure their success. It offers six different ad formats, including display ads, overlay ads, skippable video ads, non-skippable video ads, bumper ads, and sponsored cards, allowing us to select the style that fits your campaign best.


Reach People based on their intent.

First, reach only the audiences that are most likely to do business with you

with real-time intent signals from Google Search


new and improved audiences based on intents and interests


Custom Intent

Reach audiences on YouTube who have recently searched for your keywords on Google.


Stronger Affinity & In-Market Segments

Existing affinity & in-market audiences are more accurate and reach +15% more people now that we’ve added signals from Google Search, Maps, and Play


Life Events Audiences

Reach people during major life milestones like getting married, moving, graduating college.


Consumer Patterns Audiences

Reach frequent grocery, big box, department, convenience store shoppers, frequent restaurant goers, and more.

Worried about finding room in your budget for all of these ad formats? Don’t stress – Youtube offers TrueView as an affordable method of advertising that only charges your business if the ad is clicked or if the user watches it for thirty seconds. Viewers who complete your TrueView ads — or at least watch 30 seconds — are 23 times more likely to visit or subscribe to your brand’s channel, watch more from your brand, or share your brand’s video. In fact, viewers who see your TrueView ads, but don’t watch to completion are still 10 times more likely to take one of those actions.

Introduce your business and drive action.

We’ve launched new video ad formats & ad extensions built to drive action directly from video views.


Video ads on YouTube

Drive clicks right from video ads TrueView for action video ads.

Customizable blue action button (10 character limit)

Auto-generated clickable end-card shows for 5 sec after video completes

Skippable ads of any length (skip button appears after 5 seconds)


for action

Form ads on YouTube

Drive leads right from video ads TrueView for action video ads.

Form fill options include name, email, phone number, and zip code (any combination)

User information is pre-filled when available (logged-in user base)

Skippable ads of any length (skip button appears after 5 seconds)

image_youtube_ads-video-ads image_youtube_ads-video

New Automated

Target CPA & Max Conversions (beta)

automatically optimizes your bids to help achieve your goal CPA over time as your campaign runs

To ensure that your ads are reaching the right potential buyers, Youtube allows us to build specific audiences based on unique criteria, including keyword contextual targeting, demographics, topics, customer match, similar audiences, video remarketing, and interests. This unique combination of targeting gives us the power to facilitate the discovery of your ads and the engagement of your viewers (shares, comments, likes), allowing you to connect with your audience like never before.


Drive store visits with Location Extensions for TrueView ads.

Integration with Google Maps allows viewers to:

Get directions

Call the business

See store hours

Read reviews

Navigate to website


Lastly, we can help you measure your success with Youtube Analytics. Youtube Analytics provides you with large quantities of data that shed light on how your campaign is performing – including traffic source types, external sources, viewer demographics, revenue reports, and much more. This keeps us up-to-date with your latest advertising statistics, allowing us to monitor your campaign’s effectiveness and make immediate changes whenever necessary. We will also provide you professional Google Data Studio reports for your Youtube Ads, along with the other advertising sources like Google Ads or Facebooks. This means you can see all your advertising metrics on one dashboard, allowing for better decision making.

Measure online conversions
driven by viewsand clicks on
your YouTube video ads.

Viewers watch on
any device/platform


and convert in 1 of 3 ways

Viewer clicks on video ad and converts

Viewer chooses to watch (does not skip*) and then converts directly on website

Viewers sees ad impression
but skip ad and then convert directly on website



Measure store visits driven by
views and clicks on your YouTube
video ads

Viewers watch on
any device/platform


Video can also amplify Search ads


Advertisers that run YouTube video ads in
addition to Search ads see:


Higher Search
conversion volume


Higher Search
conversion rate


Search CPA

Source: Google / Ipsos Connect, March 2016, GPS Omnibus,
n=2,013 US online respondents 18+

YouTube is currently the most exciting and effective advertising platform on the planet! Advertisers are leaving TV behind en masse and moving to Youtube because of the much higher ROI (return on investment) it offers compared to traditional advertising. Advertisers have the ability to accurately target a specific audience, only paying when the viewer watches the entire commercial.That means if a viewer bypasses your Youtube ad before it completes, you pay nothing at all. It’s easy to see why so many businesses prefer this model, and are turning to Youtube as a result.If you’re interested in exploring the advertising opportunities that YouTube gives you - Contact us today!


our Youtube Ads Managed
Service will help
your business


Establish KPI’s

We will collaborate with you to create realistic, achievable goals that your business can meet to begin trending toward success. As an experienced team, we understand the importance of your KPIs and how they might impact reputations or bonuses for C-level executives.


Competitor Analysis

In this process, we will conduct S.W.O.T. analysis on your competitors, carefully examining their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. In turn, this helps us determine target markets and sales forecasting, allowing your brand to swipe business away from the competition.


Digital Account Audit

Our digital professionals will swiftly optimize your account to ensure maximum efficiency – but first your account must be properly configured with tracking, dynamic feeds, conversion values, Google Analytics, and more. Is your account still not configured? Don’t worry - just get in touch with us.


Attribution Model

Our team will identify where your conversions are coming from. Accurately identifying the true source of conversions (or the funnel that leads to conversions) is imperative to your success and allows you to target prospects that are more likely to buy your product or service.


Efficient Investment

The majority of the Ad accounts that we collaborate on waste large quantities of their budgets simply because they are unaware of how to create effective advertising. On average, we reduce our clients’ spending by up to 70%, saving them substantial amounts of money and allowing them to invest in other resources.


Audience Discovery

We will conduct A/B split testing with your ads on audiences, allowing us to identify which ones yield the highest conversion rates. Once we establish your winning ads, we will continue to optimize them daily, ensuring maximum efficiency.


Increase Return on Investment (ROI)

Many clients’ approach is that having ROI X2 is a success but what they fail to realize is that they could have a ROI X4 with a little help. This is where we come in. We will assess your account, conduct performance tuning, and optimize your account daily to steadily increase your ROI to higher levels.

Get in touch

Contact us or schedule a call with one of our consultants to receive a free technical audit and a proposal.



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I would like to thank @HellenicTechnologies for its excellent work and attention to detail for the development of our brand-new website, but more importantly, I would like personally to thank @Eleni Panagoutsou for her professionalism and the valuable consulting she provided throughout the whole development process as an account manager. Due to this outstanding professionalism and your reputation in the market, I decided to invest also in digital marketing and SEO for my Law firm. Keep it going!

Our company, FORUM SA, organizes some of the leading trade shows in S.E. Europe; it goes without saying that an impeccable online presence is imperative for us. It was very difficult to find a reliable partner who could deeply understand the peculiarities of our business field and take on the renewal and technical support of our websites. We are utterly satisfied with Hellenic Technologies, not only because they ’re highly knowledgeable and always respond immediately to new requests or technical problems that need to be urgently dealt with, but most importantly because they devote time and effort in providing us with ideas and solutions that can help us move forward. It is worth mentioning that within less than 6 months, we renewed two of our main websites while we are currently preparing two new ones. Thank you Hellenic Technologies

Hellenic Technologies offers an impeccable combination of strategy and execution. They support our business needs in digital marketing since 2014 with outstanding results. Our online initiatives include Adwords, Facebook, SEO, email marketing and many more. They have devoted time in learning our business and our needs in order to make the necessary suggestions for the campaigns that they perform.They are always well informed about innovative and pioneering services which are available, without their support we would not have been so successful in our moves. Also, they are always available to answer our questions whenever it is necessary, and in fact, they are an integral part of our company’s Marketing Team. We have been working with HTA for our IT needs the department for over 8 years. I would definitely recommend the HTA services without any doubt.

On behalf of the entire team here in Teleperformance Greece we would like to express how delighted we are with our cooperation with Hellenic Technologies. We have trusted you with our brand new website concept which not only you delivered quickly and with great professionalism, but you are committed and always eager to help us in anything we need and suggest even more great ideas and solutions.A great team! Thank you

I can't thank Hellenic Technologies enough for their outstanding service in integrating and managing our store on eBay. Their expertise and dedication transformed our online presence and boosted our sales significantly. They made the entire process seamless, and their ongoing support has been invaluable. I highly recommend Hellenic Technologies to anyone looking to maximize their eBay store's potential.

On behalf of Avance Greece I would like to thank the whole team in Hellenic Technologies for their hard work, ideas and passion they put into the development of our new website and the mobile Apps. In a very strict timeline they delivered a product above our expectations. They were always at our disposal, overcoming any issue that came up, providing us with ideas and solutions that fit our corporate mentality and strategy. Our partnership extended also to the online promotion & advertising of the new website in which we observed high visitation and increase in sales. It is my belief that this has only been the start of a long term partnership and I would recommend everyone to choose their services.