Integrate your eCommerce to eBay Marketplace

As an official eBay partner, Hellenic Technologies can help you integrate your eCommerce platform to the massive eBay Marketplace with our proprietary tool Feedel. Pick a plan and start selling to 133 million active buyers across 190 countries.

133 Million
Active buyers worldwide
17 Million

* Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) is a metric that measures your total value of sales over a certain period of time. For example, if you sell 10 t-shirts at $50, the GMV is $500.

Trusted by over 100 businesses in 10+ countries

Feedel is the most sophisticated eBay Listing Management Tool
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Seamlessly Integrate Your eCommerce with the Global Marketplace of eBay
In today’s competitive business landscape, the ability to tap into a global marketplace is essential for businesses striving for growth and success. Feedel offers the perfect solution for eCommerce entrepreneurs seeking to harness the immense potential of eBay. Utilizing our advanced tool, businesses can effortlessly manage and automate their listings, leveraging Feedel’s intuitive and user-friendly eBay listing capabilities. As a result, you’ll witness your sales rocket to unprecedented heights, boosting your position within the global market.
We understand the importance of catering to a diverse range of needs, which is why all our plans offer seamless eCommerce integration with eBay, allowing you to manage the entire process yourself though Feedel’s interface. However, if you face time constraints, prefer not to be hands-on, or require a tailored solution, our team is readily available to provide you with a personalized quote. Embrace the power of Feedel, and experience the skyrocketing growth your business has been longing for.
Import & Sync your eCommerce Products as eBay Listings with an XML File
Feedel makes it easy to bulk import and update eBay listings with a CSV or XML file in a centralized product catalogue dashboard, where you can manage all listings and inventory across all channels. Just make sure your feed complies with eBay’s prerequisites. If you are located in Greece, a Skroutz XML feed is all you need.
Our advanced workflow features allow you to manage multiple eBay listings and take advantage of bulk actions to quickly update your existing products. Save time and money with Feedel’s efficient bulk updating process.
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Break Free from CMS Plugins with Feedels Cloud Infrastructure
Feedels architecture’s innovative approach to ecommerce ensures a seamless experience for your growing business. By utilizing Amazon AWS’s scalable cloud infrastructure, Feedel alleviates any potential stress on your server that could be caused by plugins or extensions. The entire process, initiated by importing your products from an XML file, takes place within the AWS cloud servers—preventing downtimes and lags that could disrupt your online operations.
As your e-business expands, you’ll have confidence in knowing that Feedel handles product scaling, including variations and images, all outside of your server for optimal performance. In essence, Feedel offers an unparalleled service that adapts to ever-changing business needs, all while emphasizing the importance of high-quality performance and server stability.
Import & Sync your eCommerce Products as eBay Listings with an XML File
Feedel’s cutting-edge integration of the highly advanced ChatGPT technology takes your eBay listings to a new level of optimization within the ever-growing marketplace. By harnessing this powerful AI, Feedel empowers you to craft product titles, subtitles, and descriptions that are SEO-friendly and captivating, ensuring that your eBay listings garner increased organic visibility and prompt higher sales.
Moreover, ChatGPT can generate comprehensive descriptions for products with empty fields, solely based on the title provided, further simplifying the process and amplifying your competitive advantage. By investing in Feedel’s innovative solution, you open the doors to unmatched potential for success in the bustling eBay marketplace. Coming soon!
Reach New International Customers in Their Native Language with Feedel
With just one click, you can now translate your product titles, subtitles, and descriptions into any language you desire. This allows you to seamlessly upload your products in foreign languages onto every eBay selling marketplace, from eBay Germany to eBay Italy to eBay Spain and beyond. A competitive edge that positions you ahead of the game and opens up limitless opportuniti`es to connect with a diverse range of customers who search natively in their language.
Moreover, your eBay product listings will become the star of the show on Google’s search engine in Spain, Italy, Germany, and beyond! You see, eBay listings get indexed by Google and thanks to eBay’s page rank, your product listings will always be on top of Google’s search engine results page. So, get ready to watch your sales skyrocket as customers quickly and easily discover your products through their local Google search engine. Coming soon!
Manage Multiple eBay Marketplaces from a Single Dashboard
Feedel makes it easy to manage multiple eBay marketplaces from a single platform. Our intuitive dashboard allows you to easily switch between accounts, update listings, and monitor performance across all your accounts.
Custom eBay Services beyond Feedel
Discover a world of opportunity with Hellenic Technologies - where top-tier developers, designers, and digital marketers unite. We’re thrilled to announce our latest venture: a dedicated eBay support department. Boasting a team of integration experts, seasoned eCommerce consultants, SEO and advertising gurus, and committed eBay account managers, we’re poised to revolutionize the way you connect with customers worldwide.
What sets us apart? Our unwavering commitment to speedy response times, with guaranteed turnaround in a mere 48 hours or less. Plus, our eBay-certified professionals will effortlessly and efficiently integrate your eCommerce with the global eBay Marketplace - elevating your products and brand like never before. Ready to tap into the power of 190 countries and begin accepting orders from customers worldwide? Hellenic Technologies is here to help, every step of the way.
Audit eCommerce and eBay Accounts
​A business developer, web developer, digital marketeer and an eBay expert from Hellenic Technologies will audit your eCommerce business and eBay account if you have any. You can skip this step if you already have a solid XML feed and you do not need any ERP connection or consulting. The audit includes:
icon_check-circle Based on your business model and products, identify which marketplace is ideal for you or if you need multiple marketplaces (countries on eBay, example or etc)
icon_check-circle Tracking down your XML feeds or if you do not have one, to assign the XML specs to your developers
icon_check-circle Requesting and reading your ERP API documentation in case you want your stock to be updated automatically through your ERP
eCommerce Catalog Integration to eBay Marketplace
Do you dream of expanding your eCommerce empire to eBay but dread the hassle of integrating it yourself? Fear not, besides eCommerce integration with the eBay Marketplace with a one-time setup fee, we’ll align your eCommerce categories with eBay’s extensive directory, ensuring your products’ variations, descriptions, and images dazzle potential customers. Note, you will need to purchase a Feedel licence as well for the integration.
Additional eBay Marketplaces
Looking to expand your eCommerce reach to eBay marketplaces in other countries? Well, good news! We offer a cloning service that allows you to integrate your eCommerce site to additional eBay sites, including,,,, and And the best part? You only have to pay a small fee if you’ve already done your first eBay integration with us. Just select how many eBay sites you want to sell on and let us do the rest. Get ready to take your online business to the next level!
eBay Professional Account Management Services
As an online marketplace, eBay is a platform that allows sellers to reach a global audience with its vast user base. However, managing an eBay account can be time-consuming and complicated. That’s where our vetted eBay growth experts can provide valuable assistance. By outsourcing tasks such as account optimization, product listings, and customer service to a trusted team of experts, sellers can focus on growing their business and maximizing their profits.
With years of experience in the industry, eBay account management services have the expertise to increase sales and drive traffic to a seller’s eBay store. Whether you’re a new seller or an experienced one, eBay account management services can offer customized solutions to take your eBay business to the next level. Take your first step towards stress-free management by hitting the Subscribe button below and on checkout, you’ll be able to choose how many hours of management you require per month. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest!
Buy Support Hours
eBay AdHoc support services are ideal for businesses that require highly professional and efficient assistance from a team of eBay experts. Hellenic Technologies eBay AdHoc Support offers specialized services on demand, allowing businesses to focus on their core competencies. The team’s vast knowledge and skills in eBay management and optimization make them the perfect partner for businesses seeking to maximize their revenue potential.
The professional tone of support ensures clients receive excellent service and solutions that meet their unique business objectives. Whether you are a new or established business, our eBay Support Services are the perfect ally for achieving your business goals. Contact us if you require help with your eBay account.
eBay Business Policies Setup
Setting up refund, return and shipping policies can be time-consuming. That’s why the fee covers all the costs associated with setting up the shipping zones and rates per country or continent, based on weight or dimensions. If it takes more than 8 working hours to set everything up due to complexity, additional charges will apply.
We also offer consulting services for shipping solutions, as we collaborate with eBay authorized shipping couriers and provide very competitive international shipping rates.
eBay Store Design
Get your eBay store looking sleek and professional with our top-notch design services. The fee includes refactoring your logo to meet eBay standards, as well as designing the header and 6 main store categories based on your brand guidelines. Keep in mind that eBay no longer supports HTML designs. In the following URL you can see an example of our design work on an eBay store.
eBay Sellers Training
Join us for an exciting training session on eBay’s seller platform! Get ready to master the essentials of shipping orders, managing messages, editing product listings, and analyzing reports. Whether you prefer a virtual or in-person experience, our one-on-one training is tailored to your specific needs. For tech-savvy individuals, our expert guidance takes a few hours, but we also offer more extensive training for beginners or those looking for a deeper dive. Choose the level of training that’s right for you and unleash the power of eBay!


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I would like to thank @HellenicTechnologies for its excellent work and attention to detail for the development of our brand-new website, but more importantly, I would like personally to thank @Eleni Panagoutsou for her professionalism and the valuable consulting she provided throughout the whole development process as an account manager. Due to this outstanding professionalism and your reputation in the market, I decided to invest also in digital marketing and SEO for my Law firm. Keep it going!

Our company, FORUM SA, organizes some of the leading trade shows in S.E. Europe; it goes without saying that an impeccable online presence is imperative for us. It was very difficult to find a reliable partner who could deeply understand the peculiarities of our business field and take on the renewal and technical support of our websites. We are utterly satisfied with Hellenic Technologies, not only because they ’re highly knowledgeable and always respond immediately to new requests or technical problems that need to be urgently dealt with, but most importantly because they devote time and effort in providing us with ideas and solutions that can help us move forward. It is worth mentioning that within less than 6 months, we renewed two of our main websites while we are currently preparing two new ones. Thank you Hellenic Technologies

Hellenic Technologies offers an impeccable combination of strategy and execution. They support our business needs in digital marketing since 2014 with outstanding results. Our online initiatives include Adwords, Facebook, SEO, email marketing and many more. They have devoted time in learning our business and our needs in order to make the necessary suggestions for the campaigns that they perform.They are always well informed about innovative and pioneering services which are available, without their support we would not have been so successful in our moves. Also, they are always available to answer our questions whenever it is necessary, and in fact, they are an integral part of our company’s Marketing Team. We have been working with HTA for our IT needs the department for over 8 years. I would definitely recommend the HTA services without any doubt.

On behalf of the entire team here in Teleperformance Greece we would like to express how delighted we are with our cooperation with Hellenic Technologies. We have trusted you with our brand new website concept which not only you delivered quickly and with great professionalism, but you are committed and always eager to help us in anything we need and suggest even more great ideas and solutions.A great team! Thank you

I can't thank Hellenic Technologies enough for their outstanding service in integrating and managing our store on eBay. Their expertise and dedication transformed our online presence and boosted our sales significantly. They made the entire process seamless, and their ongoing support has been invaluable. I highly recommend Hellenic Technologies to anyone looking to maximize their eBay store's potential.

On behalf of Avance Greece I would like to thank the whole team in Hellenic Technologies for their hard work, ideas and passion they put into the development of our new website and the mobile Apps. In a very strict timeline they delivered a product above our expectations. They were always at our disposal, overcoming any issue that came up, providing us with ideas and solutions that fit our corporate mentality and strategy. Our partnership extended also to the online promotion & advertising of the new website in which we observed high visitation and increase in sales. It is my belief that this has only been the start of a long term partnership and I would recommend everyone to choose their services.