Senior Web Analyst

We are looking for a Senior Web Analyst to join Hellenic Technologies team who will be responsible for analyzing all aspects of the online sales channels.


Athens, Greece

To date

Still open


Bachelor’s degree


Based on skills & experience


Key responsibilities:

  • This position will require looking at all elements of the product and customer mix to extrapolate useful insights with which the business can quickly take action.
  • All aspects of customer life cycle inclusive of trial, repeat, and retention will be the core functional competency of the position.
  • The position will all be responsible for analyzing all effects related to promotional and new product performance.
  • The position reports to the Senior Director of Finance.
  • The Web Analyst will work with internal and external teams to provide recommendations and drive eCommerce optimizations and insights.
  • Provide monthly/quarterly analysis of all online channels.
  • Provide a summary of performance and takeaways that take into consideration all channels, devices, marketing programs, merchandising strategies and promotions.
  • Summarize and present findings to various management levels.
  • Collaborate with members of the Ecommerce team to provide analytic support to measure performance of efforts. Guide process owners in identifying key performance indicators for their areas and then build appropriate reporting that provides insight into the performance of initiatives and approaches within each area.
  • Analyze product recommendations and specific site personalization and design tests.
  • Report, analyze and make recommendations for improvements in various marketing efforts – paid search, organic search, social media campaigns.


Available skills, qualifications & experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • 3+ years of working experience
  • Experience in analyzing large data sets and extracting useful insights.
  • A critical thinker with attention to detail and the ability to effectively communicate complex analysis effectively.
  • Problem Solving & troubleshooting Skills in general
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Drive to learn and move beyond current skill set (Learning new technology is a fundamental part of this position)
  • Great work ethic and attitude
  • Team player
  • Ability to focus and keep organized
  • Ability to mentor and teach team members
  • Fulfilled military obligations

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